Make your own! Pick the fabrics you want for each side of the bow and the attachment you want. Make sure your pooch has something truly unique, that represents him/her.


Made from velvet.


Bows can be ordered in three sizes: small, medium and large.


You can either order velcro strips for easy attachment to the collars, alligator clip or as a headband. 

If you choose to order as a headband, please tell us your pooch's head measurement otherwise they will come as a preset of 25 cm. 

Make your own Velvet- Large

Left side of the bow
Right side of the bow
  • Material: different types of velvet, 100% cotton or 100% polyester

    Three sizes: Small - approximately 6 cm x 9 cm, Medium - approximately 8 cm x 12 cm, Large - 15 cm x 11 cm.


    • Velcro straps attached to the back makes it easy to put the bow on the collar, re-position and take off.
    • Alligator clips for easy attachement to either a headband you already own or your pooches head
    • Ask us to attach the bow to a headband and we will do it for you. Headband material is e


it Trendy  

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